Tuesday, June 29, 2004


Here's the majority of our wedding costs. Draw your own conclusions.

I can't believe you're leaving the home of the Bulls and Al Capone, Jen. Once you've left we'll have to use this forum to exchange opinions on our favorite Star Trek: The Next Generation episodes. Until then though, we have a July of parties.

Monday, June 28, 2004


It's almost July! Where has the time gone?

As my move date approaches, along with a lot of other important things (such as Becky and Greg's wedding!) it left me with very little time to have one last party at my lovely little home on Henderson. So here it is, a going away party this Friday!

I know many of you bloggers in the Chicagoland area are familiar with a certain game called Crapple. If not, you can read my description below:


Q: By golly, what is it?
A: Well, now that you mention it, it is a game where you can win wonderful prizes or . . . crap.
Q: How can I play?
A: Easy! Every half hour, tickets are drawn at random. If your ticket is picked, you have a chance at winning the good stuff or . . . crap.
Q: When does this awesome event happen?
A: Friday, July 2nd. Show up any time after 10:00 pm to win prizes or . . . crap.
Q: I’d pay anything to go to this event! How much does it cost?
A: The low price of $6 includes beer, an open bar and two crapple tickets. You can purchase more tickets for 50 cents a pop!
Q: What are some of the prizes?
A: Games, cds, alcohol and Peter’s loft bed (it’s a full size bed!)! And more! And crap!
Q: Can I bring friends?
A: Bring as many peeps as you like!

I can't post my address because that would be really weird. You can drop me an e-mail though and I'd be more than happy to give you more info. Mike - are you coming to my house? Are you bringing friends?

Wednesday, June 16, 2004


And the award for asshole landlord of the year goes to . . .

Crazy Old Ernie, owner of the grey 2 flat on Henderson!

Our downstairs neighbors moved out and kindly gave us their washer and dryer. Ernie called us and told us that he would come and hook up the dryer and washer so that we could use them. This was a very nice gesture.

I went down to the basement to see if the the washer and dryer were hooked up and they hadn't, so I left my bag of clothes downstairs on a table that I moved specifically downstairs so that we could use it to fold clothes on or what not. (I'm only mentioning this so you know that my belongings were neat and out of the way.)

I went back downstairs on Tuesday to, once again, see if I could wash clothes. Both machines were hooked up however, all of our laundry detergent and my bag of clothes are gone. I search the basement - I can't find anything. Out of the corner of my eye, I notice a familiar strap hanging out of the garbage can downstairs. Ernie threw away my laundry! My laundry bag, as cheesy as it is, says laundry on it, you know, so it's not confused with let's say, garbage. He also threw away two full bottles of detergent - but he must have tossed them in the dumpster out back because I couldn't find them.

Who throws clothes away?!?! Who throws full bottles of detergent away?!?!? Am I wrong in thinking that these items don't usually get tossed?

Monday, June 14, 2004

I love my new camera...

but I don't like tanks.

Friday, June 11, 2004


I like your dress, your dress likes me. It's all working out.
-Travis Morrison

Oh, Mike. Why oh why did I listen to you and you lovely other bloggers? Checkers and Chess. Why oh why did he make this song? I don't even think that I can go to that web page again.


What about one more night in town?
-Hot hot heat

It's been ages since I've written last. Part of this is because I've been in California. The other part is my laziness in general. I don't feel like spending more time in front of the computer than what is necessary.

I had a great time out in L.A. I stayed with some friends in Malibu and got to wake up and fall asleep to the sounds of the ocean. I spent two really great days on the beach. It was amazing. I also got extremely burned even though I was wearing SPF45.

California is a strange place. You get this strange sense of invincibility- like you can move there and start over as whatever you want to be. I met a lot of people who thought the same thing. One guy, Jerry, packed up his car and moved to LA with nothing more than that. Now, he's an agent for fairly well known actors, and has his own place in Hermosa Beach. As we were watching tv, he could point out the ads and shows that he had placed actors for. Most importantly, he's happy with his job and his life, and you could tell.

Another guy who owned one of the apartments we looked at said that he mocved to California ten years ago and never looked back and he's never been happier.

Now that I'm back home and I can look back at my week there, I get more excited and scared about my move. I feel like I can do anything once I move. I can work in film or maybe work some other job while I do more photography related things. I'm scared though too. I have no place to live out there (as of yet), I don't have a job (although I do have an interview with a very cool gallery!), and most importantly, I'll miss the group of friends here that I've come to call my second family. I feel like I may miss out on some of the best things that can go on while I'm away and it makes me incredibly sad.

So there you have it.

Just as a reminder, I start teaching yoga next week at Grace Place on Dearborn in the Printer's Row area of Chicago. e-mail me if you would like more info.