Thursday, May 30, 2002


Schools out for summer!

My dear friend, Jono, who works with me here, thought it would be funny to get a boombox and carry it around all day playing the above song. I so agree. Unfortunately, I think it's pretty easy to get sick of hearing Alice Cooper all day long.

My critique went well yesterday. The fujix prints turned out really well. All I have is just one more class today and I am done! School doesn't start again until September, so I have a long summer of museum work ahead. Not so bad, eh?

What did I just say?

I can't hear anything in my right ear. Becky and I have the same sort of strange head cold. It wouldn't be that bad except that I'm tired of explaining to everyone why I need things to repeated again and that I would prefer it if they could speak into my "good ear." How old am I again?

Last night, Gant and I went out to eat at this cute little Mexican place on Roscoe and Ashland and I had the nicest Margarita. MMMM. . . Tonight I plan on continuing the trend, since I have no homework AND it's going to be so nice outside AND Becky will be home. Time for a mini celebration!!!!

I also had this dream last night that was really good, but actually made me think for a couple of minutes that it had happened. I woke up all confused and I then I felt all guilty because it seemed very real. So since I was up, I watched Extra. Did you know tha Clare Danes is going to be in the next Terminator movie? (Unless this is part of the dream too. Come to think of it. . .)

I better get back to letter writing. My work load has slightly increased due to the fact that I really haven't worked for the past couple of days and I'll be pretty much full time as of next Monday!

Wednesday, May 29, 2002


I turned into a martian

seriously though, its true.

Vegas was the bomb, but I came down with a cold on Friday night. I'm feeling better but one side of my head keeps getting really stuffed up and its making everyone sound like they have a robot voice. I live alone out here, so I thought there was something wrong with my tv! I kept hitting it and turning it on and off until I finally plugged my ear and everything made sense...

ps-I won $50 at video poker-watch out world!!
pps-chi-town on thursday baby, I'm coming home.

Tuesday, May 28, 2002


Every moment's a little bit later

Well, I'm assuming that we all made it back safely from our Vegas Vaction. (No one blogged today!!!) I was the first to leave, then Greg, Chris Ryan and Gant, and finally Becky. I came right home and worked on the rest of my digital project. All the printers are signed up for, so I have opted for the fujix print which costs a couple bucks a print, but they are a hell of a lot faster. i have about an hour or two to kill, so I may run to shops or something. I haven't quite decided yet.

Anyway, back to the Vegas Vaction. Let's see. . . Everyone came in Friday night. I reserved a car with Dollar rental, which happened to be the cheapest for the weekend, and also the longest line at the airport. We were supposed to get a Neon or some crap car like that (pardon me if you have a Neon. Actually you probably know it's crap.) When we get to all the cars, there is not a Neon in our row. After much confusion and almost walking away with a Jeep Wrangler (we didn't fit!), we ended up with a Suzuki Gran Vitara (which sounds like a character on Xena.) Chris made the comment that he should just hang around Dollar rental and look confused for awhile next time and see if could end up with and even better car. If only we had waited. . .

I don't want to give you a play by play of the weekend (no point in doing that especially now that Amplified is dead) but we drank a lot of free wine at this place called the Hole in the Wall, watched some very funny "synchronized walking", gambled for very long periods of time, got lots of free drinks and smut!, saw some pros*, won some cash at the craps table, went to Hoover Dam, went up in the Stratosphere and rode the lame-coaster, ate a buffet at the Rio (me excluded) and saw a pirate show, just to name a few.

It was also way cool to hang with my P's and my two pooches. Boy, I really missed all of them.

My very last critique is tomorrow and then I'm done! I have to go to my seminar Thursday, but that really doesn't require any real thought. It's been a tough semester, and it's nice to see it come to such a nice ending.

Ok, time to check up on the Fujix prints. I hope we hear from everyone else tomorrow. . . (hint, hint. Or at least Greg. I think Becky is in Atlanta!)


Saturday, May 25, 2002


Vegas baby, Vegas

Besides the fact that I had to sit by the most shallow group of people ever on the airplane (The were stupid too. One guy actually said that the sun revolved around the earth. . .) everyone is here safely, and we are all ready to go out and hit the strip!!!

I already have a pretty ridiculous tan. I sat outside on my parents patio yesterday morning and the sun had it's way with me. Bad sun, bad.

Ok, it's my time to shower!!!

Friday, May 24, 2002


Questions of the moment:

Will Southwest come through and get me to Las Vegas on time??

Will I see my friends tonight??

God help me I am getting to sin city tonight come hell or high water. and then spend alot of money. yay!!!

Thursday, May 23, 2002

I can't write much, but I just had my review and it rocked!!!!!! YAY!!!!!!!


Only in dreams

At 1:30 this afternoon, I have my end of the semester review. I am so nervous!!!

Last night was kind of hectic too. I finished two more prints, looked for a birthday present for my mom, finished my paper, and went to Greg's/Becky's to pick up the laptop so that I can work on my digital project on the plane. At least I got to go for a scooter ride. Woo hoo!

I had this crazy dream last night that I threw this party, but everone at the party kept telling me "You blew it." What did I blow? It made me very uneasy this morning. Or it could be the grande Starbucks coffee running through my system. Your choice.

Right now, I have a print churning out. I usually work on Thursday mornings, but I really have no time for that. Actually, after my review, I'm going into work to fix up some labels. Of course, after that, I have to run home, pack, water the plants, pay some bills and then I'm off to Vegas! Talk about an action packed day!

Ok, I better get my act together. Wish me luck.

Wednesday, May 22, 2002


I can only eat small pieces of gum. no, seriously, I've gotten so used to trident and eclipse and orbit and other small gum that the other day I had a fancy for doublemint, and I couldn't chew the entire piece, it was way to big!

So now I am turning into my mother* and tearing gum in half.

On another bridesmaid note, I recently spoke to Elaines House of Brides in Green Bay and realized that they had no intentions of sending my dress out to me in California, but rather holding on to it because they had a problem in their "system" and not even informing my sister, the bride about it. lovely. but not to worry, I tracked them down...

*don't worry Greg, I'm not really turning into my mother. plus she tore them in half because she was cheap and wanted to make the gum last and I just don'e want to chew that big of a piece....


. . . turning your orbit around

My orbit is only turning in the direction of the digital lab and I am damn sick of it!!!

I wrote 4 pages of my paper last night so I'm feeling pretty good about that though.

Today, I am planning to leave the lab by at least five and go outside for awhile. I'm beginning to look so pale that I'm blending in with the walls around here. That will change soon. . . .

Anyway, I really do need to go out and buy my mom a birthday gift, considering that I'll be seeing her tomorrow night. Woo hoo! Two full days and the Vegas Vacation begins!

Tuesday, May 21, 2002


My old man told me one time, you never get wise, you only get older

I'd ask the same stupid question as yesterday (refer to question two of yesterday's post), but the answer won't probably change for the rest of the week. Yes, once again I am in the digital lab. I finished two prints yesterday, which was ok, but today, it's only 8:40 and the third one is almost done. Yay!!! I am so flippin' sick of this place!!!

It also makes my week unbelievably boring because my schedule consists as follows: Wake up, go to work/class, go to digital lab and print, then go home a sleepy mess, then fall asleep. I know you are jealous.

ok, now I have to go home and write an 8 page paper. oooohhh! A change in schedule!

Monday, May 20, 2002


And the wall, comes tumbling down*

Guess what came down today? The Mourning wall! No longer can I bitch about a piece that has absolutely the most bullshit meaning ever!!!** So, Brian and I spent three hours of our lives taking it down, and boy did it feel good!

Besides that, I spent a busy morning painting and taking down wall labels. Just so you know, the new show at our lovely little museum is called "Costume in the Collection" or something like that. Basically, it's photographs with the very vague term of "costume" apparent in them that happen to be from our permanent collection. Please come and check it out - it will be up and running by Thursday

Question #2: Take a wild guess where I am right now?!?!?!?

If you guessed "in the digital lab at school", then I will send you a lovely test print from one of my photos. My goal for the evening is three prints. Not one, not two, but THREE. They just take forever, and I'm not sure why. I think I must pick the computer with the least amount of RAM or something, or just the slowest printer ever. Take your pick.

Back to work!!!

Oh yeah, 3 days til Vegas!

*A little John "cougar" mellencamp for you. So when did he lose the "cougar?"
**For those of you that don't remember, it's for anyone that's ever died EVER.***
***Three "ever's" today. I think that's better then usual.


What a weekend! I totally partied hard-drank lots and stayed up almost all night until the sun came up on friday and saturday!! yeah!!

oh wait, that was greg. I pretty much did nothing on a rainy california weekend. oh well. I did get to talk to Jen for awhile while I was at the mall buying things for our trip to sin city this weekend! woohoo!!

now I just gotta get through the week of work work and more work. boo.

ps-saw spiderman this weekend, which I enjoyed, but I had to wonder what this world is coming to when I saw the preview for the Scooby-doo movie. I knew they were making it, but I guess I was hoping that it would never really come out. but it is coming, oh yes it is coming.

tired. that's about it

apparently i'm a giant wuss. i watched like 20 minutes of some horrible horror film last night and i was jumpy for the rest the night. i'm ashamed of myself.

we had a rocking goof party on saturday. i consumed far too much alcohol and stayed up way too late. but we had a good time playing with the fire extinguisher. those things are funny.

the OKPlusThree Vegas Vacation will hopefully mirror National Lampoon's. Just called me Mr. Pappageorgio.

Saturday, May 18, 2002


So, are you trying to tell me it's over?

Yeah, so it's Saturday, and I'm here at school printing out some images. They are coming out pretty well, but I still see myself putting in many hours here during the week. It almost makes me want to go out and buy a sweet Epson 2000p that I am using here at school. It really does suck that the lab has to close down so early. At UIC as an undergrad, I had card access to all the facilities. If I wanted to print at 1:00 in the morning, so be it. Here, you have to be out before the building closes and the lab closes down even before that. Boo. : (

Tonight, I think that Nate and I are grabbing some food (which I keep focusing on because I am sooooo hungry) and then heading off to Best Buy so that I can get a new game for my Game Boy advance. I know I'm going to want to play on the airplane on my way to Vegas on Thursday night. We haven't been talking about it too much, but this is the first ok plus 3 joint vacation (plus Gant and Chris Ryan.) I leave after my review, so it will be nice to have the weekend to relax and have fun, fun, fun!!!

Ok, better check on my print.

Friday, May 17, 2002


I am trying to break your heart

I'm slightly afraid to post today, because I wrote a long blog yesterday and blogger ate it! Damn blogger!!!

I bought the new Wilco last weekend and I can't get the above quote out of my head. That song is so good. Actually, the whole album is.

Yesterday, I witnessed this touching father/son moment on the L. The little boy wanted to play pictionary with his dad, but instead they decided to read together and the boy was so happy. Then there was this other conversation about stinky feet. The boy got "stingy" confused with "stinky" and he had the best laugh when he realized what he said. I don't know why, but I was super emotional yesterday, and I nearly cried. I had to turn away. I guess that lately I've been realizing how important fathers are.

Today has been a pretty decent "Fun Friday." I really have to make myself sit down and get some letters out because I've been working on the mailing list instead.

There are some really good shows going on this weekend. Tonight, the Promise Ring is at the Empty Bottle, and The Weakerthans are playing at the Bottle on Saturday night and at the Fireside Sunday night. I have a ton of work to do this weekend, so I have to pick and choose my shows wisely. Hopefully, Greg and I can make it out to the Fireside on Sunday! That is, once I get some of my paper done.*

Ok, time for some work, and then hopefully I can write about that weird thing that happened to me on Monday.

* I am desperately trying to make myself believe this statement.


Okay, we are back in action!

The fun continues in California. I made some friends at work and actually went to a happy hour with some of them on wednesday night. I've been in training classes all week that were fine at first, but pretting bo-ring by the end of the day yesterday. I'm glad to be off and have chances to do some other things, like blog today!

I am awaiting patiently for the delivery of the bridesmaid dress for my sister's wedding. This way I can take in the two dresses at the same time to be altered. Then I can send the back to Wisconsin for storage until the actual day comes. who knew I be in two wedding that are both in Wisconsin in one summer!

ps-I hate insurance adjusters, especially ones that don't return phone calls. its my money! I just want to know when I am going to get it back!

Thursday, May 16, 2002

blogspot sucks!! why won't you show this page?!?

Wednesday, May 15, 2002


"C" is for crabby.

I'm in a much better mood today. Thanks, Nate, for the nice evening.

It took us ages to find a Chinese restaurant downtown, so we ended up going home and ordering food. I think we intended to eat at 8, but because we couldn't find a place, we ate at 11. I was starving. and crabby. I swear, there is a Thai restaurant on every goddamn corner down in the loop and not a single Chinese place.

I had an interesting weekend that I wanted to talk about, but it kind of seems so unimportant now. I will say that I worked at the Art Fair way too much. Monday, Jono and I worked there, and he completely cheered me up. We bought a disposable camera (I know, I forgot mine!!!) which basically cost me my first born, but whateves. We took so many funny pictures. I get them back tomorrow, so be prepared. Once we have set up, we can post them! Greg, get crackin'!

I'm in digital class right now, waiting for some new stuff to print. . . Ok, I should go get those.

Hey- Happy Belated Birthday to the boys at Panaphobic and Michelle at Awkward Pirouettes. I would have said so sooner, but I was slightly distracted. : )

Tuesday, May 14, 2002


So I've been here like what, 3 weeks? not even? and there was already an earthquake??!!!

Thats right, 5.2 on the richter scale. I didn't feel it much cause I was kindof far away. but I felt the couch shaking and I thought I was going crazy, but it turns out that I am not so that is good for me. but there was some destruction in the self-proclaimed garlic capitol, Gilroy, CA.

I'm thinking of going to see Spiderman this weekend, solo. go me!


May angels lead you in

I don't even know what to say. I feel terrible for my friend's loss.

It's so crazy; it's this incredible day outside and yet it has been so sad.

My friend, Jen, whom I have known since I was 7, has to be one of the strongest people I know. Everyday, for the past three months, she took her father to kidney dialysis. I have no idea how she did that, plus work three jobs. She is amazing. And today, all I could do was stand there and cry as she gave this incredible speech about her father, someone who I have considered extended family since he and Jen's mom looked after me during the summers in grammar school.

I really wanted to tell Jen something to make her feel better, but I had no idea what to do.

At the wake last night, she took me around to her family and said, "Jen is my oldest and dearest friend." I felt so useless today, because I felt that I had to live up to that statement by being the strong one. I couldn't do it.

I don't know. I just wish I could make it easier somehow.

Monday, May 13, 2002


Oh how I love training. Its like being back in school except I get paid.... although I seem to always be very tired and drained after a day long of lectures. and I have to go the rest of the week ayy!

This weekend really was totally awesome, especially the weather-its the one thing that makes being out here by myself more bearable. We went to a redwood forest and beach and to what I like to call the "Door County of California", Sausalito. it was cheesy touristy fun.

I think I might hit a yoga class tonight, but will I really be able to stand Iyengar for 1.5 hours?

Jen-I hope your friend is doing well.

Friday, May 10, 2002


I'm back only hours later!

So, the lecture just finished and we had a pretty poor turn out. I can't even tell you how much wine we have left. This open house thingy lasts until 8:30, so I have no idea what we are going to do. We actually have this percussion group called "so" that happens to be performing these Steve Reich piece right now. They are a cool bunch of guys, so I was hoping that the turn out would be better.

Last night, at the Art Fair, Brian and I got very drunk. It was fun because we were totally obnoxious at this very pretencious and posh art opening. Since it was opening night, we got a free bottle of very nice champaign. mmmm. then there was free drinks and beer and it was pretty much downhill from there!

This weekend should be interesting, only because I know that I HAVE to force myself to do work. There is not much time left to this semester and I HAVE to be productive (the caps are for me to remind myself that this is not a joke. Work must be done!!!!)

I was going to go home and sleep, but my friend, Tim, is having a party, and now I'd like to stop by. And get drunk. I mean, get drunk. No! Really! Get drunk.

I better get back to work. Only one more hour. . .


Okay, this week has goneby quickly but I am sooooooo glad its Friday!! And then someone I know will actually be in town!!!

The weather is supposed to be great and now I just have to make it through 3 more hours of work.

I'm not sure why, but I can't think of much to say lately. not that you really care, its just not coming to me anymore. I will say that it's wierd to be by yourself somewhere who you really don't know anybody and are no longer in a classroom situation. Its hard. and I don't even have to do it for very long. big props to anyone who moves somewhere by themselves. its not as easy as it seems....

Jen is working hard! she gets to do some cool stuff lately. not to metion a trip to vegas baby vegas coming up. woohoo!!!!!!!!!!


Let's stay together

Can I just say that I am very happy that Al Green will be visiting the House of Blues at the end of the month!

Damn. I was going to write out a blog while I was waiting for Brian to finish his digital print (we have to install this thing at the museum). Now, all of a sudden he's all ready to go and I'm not.

Back in a little. . .

Thursday, May 09, 2002

ps-I miss everybody so much! but it looks like I should be back in time for wings on the 31st.



I saw my first Oakland A's game last night-it was quite a game. They played the Red Sox so that was a big deal here already. Around the top of the 9th, this guy decided he was going to get some attention and streaked buck naked through the field until the security guards tackeled him. It was pretty hilarious....

I've been out here almost 2 weeks already! woah................

One more thing. We have a new blog friend! Check out Tim (or his blog).


Teamwork is the result when common people produce uncommon results.

Yada, yada, or some bullshit like that. What do you expect, I read this off a pen.

So yeah, I'm so sorry that I've been away so long!!!!

It's been damn busy on my side of the world. I've finally come to the realization that I have shitloads to do and very little time to do it. To top it off, I'm working tonight at the art fair (at Navy Pier), I'm working the lecture that we are hosting tomorrow night and I have to work the art fair yet again on Sunday. So, in this two week period, I have to have a semi-concise body of work for grad reviews, give a presentation on an artist and write an 8 page paper. Then I have one more critique when I get back from Vegas after Memorial Day weekend. So much shit!!!!

But, I've been very happy none the less. I pretty much owe that to one person, but I'm not saying who. Or is it "whom?"

I just made my mom a mother's day card from photo stuff we have lying around the museum. I bought her a gift, but forgot to buy the card. If I were to wait and then buy a card, it probably won't get to her as soon as I'd like it too. Mom's love that stuff anyway, even though I feel like a slacker for not getting all this done earlier.

What else? Hmmm. I swear I had more stuff to tell. Oh yeah. The grad school drama. Last week I was bitching about classes and how we are not given the choices that we should, considering how much we pay to go here. So, Tuesday, we had a meeting with our department chair, and it looks like my idea will be used as a class. 6 or so of us will be working on a collaborative project that will be placed in a public space. I think I may be one of the one's in charge, so I feel pretty responsible for everyone being satisfied with the class. That's a little scary for me. Yesterday we had a smaller meeting with those interested in the class and we came up with some great ideas. Next week, we submit the proposal, and if things work out as planned, my class and our combined ideas will make for one kick ass Chicago public art piece. Boo-ya.

Tuesday, May 07, 2002


Wow, I wish my company was that social.

But seriously, I went to my first show in san fran last night (not to metion the first show that I've been to by myself). there were lots of indie rock kids and I kept looking for someone that I knew cause everyone looked so familiar. but there was little chance of that.

The Weakerthans rule!! I almost missed my favorite song (My favorite chords) because I was in the the bathroom and the played that as an encore-whats with the second band getting an encore.

No smoke is still wierd in a club. especially in a bowling alley where I went last weekend-the air was so, well, clean I guess.

The Promise Ring actually played a song from 30 degrees, even though I swear that we saw them at the flower 10 show and they said it was the last time they were going to play that song. unfortunately I got a massive headache half way thru the set so I went home, but all in all a good night. plus...

driving over the bay bridge rules!!! it totally kicks major butt. and my shoulders are sunburned. that's enough for now...

back in full effect

in about 20 minutes i have to go to an ice cream social here for work. i like ice cream, so that's a plus, but my group is doing a super nerdy presentation. all the other groups are having fun, doing silly things, and my group is giving a point by point demonstration of what we do everyday. it should be quite a bore.

excellant cubs action last night. and a belated congrats to zach, for tying me in fantasy baseball last week. he mounted quite a comeback.

i woke up at 7:45 today. i had set my alarm for 5:50 the day before, and when i woke up at 7:45 my alarm still seemed to be set correctly for 5:50. i therefore assumed it was rosa the cat's fault and yelled at her for a minute. but then i realized she doesn't have a thumb so it can't really be her fault, so i got dressed and went to work. i'm pretty gross right now and soon i'm going to have to go be social. with ice cream. damnit.

Monday, May 06, 2002

paint me. please.

codes are cool, but i prefer morse to chrzanowski.

in case any of you were thinking of visiting indianapolis, a few warnings and insights.

1. indianapolis, despite it's name, doesn't contain a large population of indians (neither the native american nor the subcontinent type)

2. it's a fake big city. it's like a real big city with almost all the people sucked out.

3. although this probably won't pertain to you, as the star wars convention is over, i saw 2 obi-wans, an anakin, 3 princess leias and a darth vader. this is not an everyday occurrence for me.

4. the movie theater that i went to, and therefore all movie theaters in indianapolis, was hot. and they didn't have any ice. and they didn't put enough butter on the popcorn.

5. i will forever remember it as the place where i saw that cinematic gem known as spider-man. i laughed, i cried, i marveled at the fact that lando carlissian was watching it with me.

the warnings and insights are now over

if you live in indy - sorry, that was just a joke. if you don't live in indy - no, it wasn't.

spider-man was a good movie. pure fluff, but i've always liked spider-man and they stayed very true to the story. i disagree with ebert that the special effects are too cartoony, i thought they blended well with the rest of the film. and frankly, i love tobey maguire or however you spell his name. he was a fantastic peter parker. a great movie for sitting and not thinking.

i guess i've bashed everyone's hometown enough, i should do some work. jen, you really shouldn't steal. stealer.


When I let you closer, I only want you closer.

Wow. What a weekend.

There is really so much that went on for me. . . It was a rollercoaster of emotions as well. I'm doing pretty good today, but I feel strange. At times I feel relieved, like this is exactly what I needed. Then other times, I feel strangely empty. Ok, maybe feeling this emptiness isn't so strange, but I didn't realize how much it would bother me. I kind of miss talking to him. It's really all for the better. He'll realize it too, and hopefully, he won't hate me forever because of it.

Of course, not all sad things happened to me. Actually it was something pretty ncredible. I'm completely torn by these two emotions. I can't stop thinking about it because it was unexpected yet expected. Am I confusing as hell?

Ok, exiting code form. . .

Here are two very cool things* that happened to me: I took photos of a wedding at Wrigley Field. So, do you guys remeber Barb? I worked with her at my old job. Anyway, we still hang out because we are good friends. She set me up with this job taking photos at her friend's reception at Wrigley. It was so great. We got limited access to the stadium to take photos, which pretty much rocked my Saturday night. And, after it was all over, Tracy (the bride) invited me to stay and have dinner and drinks. I ended up on the dance floor with Barb, and this guy started to dance with me. He asked me if I was the photographer and I said, "At this wedding, even the hired help gets down." I had to share my smooth pick up line, although I definitly didn't do any picking up.

Sunday, I went to a certain store that I love that begins with a "T" to pick up some stuff and a Game Boy Advance.** I made some money at the Wedding, so I figured that I would get myself a little gift. Also, Becky and I (are big dorks) want to link our game boys up and play! So, I'm at the register, and I get distracted talking to the nice check out lady that I don't really pay attention to how much the total is. I just fork over my credit card and then shove the receipt in my wallet. Anyway, I'm walking to the car and I think about how much the total is. I think she said $79.00, but that's not enough for what I bought. Then I think she said $179.00 which is way too much. So, I check th receipt and it was only $29.00. She didn't charge me for the Game Boy and Tony Hawk Pro Skater 2. Boo- ya!! I love free things!!!!!

* Although more then two cool things happened.
**Beck- this is the exciting story that I wanted to tell you last night, but I ended up going to a Cinco de Mayo party.

Friday, May 03, 2002

let's just start over, okay?

all three bloggers in one day? it's been years since i've seen that.

today's been a long and boring day. i was going to order my new laptop, i'm getting a fujitsu for any of you nerds out there, but i'm not sure i have the money. probably better off waiting until i get my next paycheck or the insurance money. besides, i need an x-box way more. i'm a giant dork.

here's a story my manager here at work was telling me. apparently one of his friends hooked up with fred mcgriff, or the crime dog if you will, last week. he ended up dropping her off at home on his way to the ballpark. very odd. maybe this is the source of his horrible baseball playing, too many illicit affairs.

zach has taken the lead back from me in fantasy baseball. i should learn not to open my big mouth. stuff always goes badly after i do.

brief thought, i hate people who think that problems in the world are horrible and somebody should do something about them. why the fuck don't you do something? will your altruism hold up when the costs of doing something start to mount? no? then don't pretend you operate on a higher moral plane, cause you don't. and frankly, neither do i.

i don't care what anyone thinks, the new promise ring album is a fun listen. not great, but good.

i'm outta here in 50 minutes. 50 minutes here i come.

Thursday, May 02, 2002


yo yo yo, west side in the house!!

okay, out lovely IS department has finally given me my computer back and it actually works (for now). which is good cause I'll be busy reviewing insurance documents! what a week! I'm gone like 2 days and the burglers come! whats up with that??!!

california is nice, but I'm living in suburbia which is wierd. especially case alot of the house aren't that impressive yet I know they cost usually around $500,000!!!

but being close to san fran is nice. but I miss chicago! so much!!

man, its like i've been away so long I don't even know what to say anymore. oh yeah, here's a funny story. we have to wear security badges here cause the facility is so large. its got my pict on it and I use it to activate the doors and its on a springy string attached to my waistline. well on tuesday after having this badge for about 24 hours. I somehow manage to get it loose and flush it down the toilet. completely, gone, buh-bye. so now I've got a reputation around here...

more to come soon!


actually jen, i prefer to refer to you as Old Hag. "excuse me Old Hag, but we're currently out of the 64 MB memory cards. We should have them in a week if you haven't passed on by then." it's amazing just how ancient you are, while i am a sprightly youngster.

just in case you're wondering, fingerprint dust is very hard to clean up. it just keeps spreading and spreading until a thin layer is all over your stereo, or whatever surface it happens to be on.

Speaking of fingerprint dust, while i was talking the evidence technician on tuesday, he was explaining what surfaces are good or bad for capturing fingerprints. here's a list for all you curious types with all your curios:

metal with no tactile finish
smooth plastics

metal with a tactile finish (like that crap they put on your stereo)
textured plastics

i decided yesterday to make my house a fingerprint-friendly house. i think the best way to do this is to build my house completely out of porcelain. what do you think?

the beck still has no computer out in san francisco. it's been a little sad with no blog communication from her, but she's rocking out No-Cal style. do the people from northern california refer to their part of the state as No-Cal like those from So-Cal do? these are the questions that we need to commission $2.5 MM studies to answer.

i'm slipping out of here. maybe i'll be back, we'll see.


Would you mean this please if it happens. . .

I took off work this morning so that I could catch up on sleep and work. I feel like I've been speading myself too thin. Plus, with all the drama that is going on in our little photo department, I figured that a little break would do me just fine. Things still aren't settled with this class thing and there are a lot of pissed off people. I get mad and then I don't. Of course, I'll do anything I can to get the class back for Grad students, just because it's a matter of principal.

I have a slight sniffle this morning and my stupid arm is sore. I hate shots!!!!

Today I have to show work in seminar, and I'm feeling pretty good about all the stuff I have to show. I hate getting too excited about it, becasue sometimes, after I put it up on the wall, I hate it. I get the lovely pleasure of going first today too, because I always seem to get jipped on time for my critque. The shitty thing is, I'm really not up to it. Hopefully by 1:30, I won't feel as crappy as I do right now.

Yesterday I went to Circut City to by a larger memory card for my digital camera. Now, I'm sure that I'm blowing this completely out of proportion, but the kid that helped me addressed me as ma'am. Do I look like a ma'am? (am I spelling ma'am right?) I always thought that is what you say to, um, older people. Not someone who is probably 5 years older than you at most. Isn't "miss" a little bit more appropriate? I know I always over react about age. . .Fine! I have a problem!

Ok, I'm going to grab some food and chill until seminar.

Wednesday, May 01, 2002


Hit me with your best shot*

I bet you are jealous of me too.

I just got two shots in my left arm: the MMR (which is for measles, mumps and rubella) and a tetnus shot (which I thought that I was up to date on, but I guess I'm not considering that I had to get it. Come to think of it, I'm slightly bothered now, because when I got attacked by the hell hound last October, the Doctor asked me if I was up to date on my tetnus shot and I said yes. I could have gotten something serious. hmmmm.) The only good thing about the shots is, they are free, there are free cookies and beverages while you are waiting, and you can request the arm you get the shot in. I haven't gotten a shot in awhile, so I forgot how much the really freak me out. The insertion of the needle part doesn't hurt, but as soon as they inject the vaccination, you can feel it shooting through your arm and to your fingers. It's such a strange feeling. . . I don't like it!

Of course, getting a vaccination isn't as shitty as having your place broken into. The good thing is that they took stuff that is replacable. It's a hassle, none the less, to replace everything. Sorry guys.

I just learned a new trick on photoshop which allows me to make a contact sheet from my digital images. How handy!!! I'm hoping to do about 20 quick prints for class tomorrow. After my last critique, I felt much more inspired to go out and get work done. So, right now, I have three projects going and really excited about all of them!

Martin Parr was fantasic last night! He gave a great lecture and his photographs are really funny and witty. I was the lucky one who got to show him how to use the slide projector remote control. Obviously, we had some sort of miscommunication or he wasn't listening to me, because when he wanted to start showing slides he started pressing the forward button instead of turning it on first. So I got to run in front of the crowd and turn on the projector for him. Anyway, he's a super nice guy and now I have a signed copy of the book. Cool.

So that's pretty much all. I took off tomorrow morning from work so I can get more printing done. I figured that I'm there all the time and I think they can manage another day without me. I need the break anyway!

I was going to end this, but I just found out that a class that basically all the 1st year grad students want is now full. Why? Get this, the undergrads got to register early, and they were given the option of taking this same class. So please, someone tell what the fuck is the point of being a grad student if you don't get any perks what so ever? The only class left this semester is an independent study. That is how limited we are here at Columbia for graduate photo classes. I'm not paying money so that I can waste my time here. I decided to come back to school to learn more and take advantage of what Columbia has to offer. Now I'm beginning to wonder what that was.

*Really terrible pun intended.

i know you're jealous

so i got buglarized again. it wasn't as bad as last time, they at least left my saxophone, but it still sucks. They did a number on my door and stole my new x-box, my dvd player and my beloved laptop. laptop, laptop, why have you forsaken me??? the best part of the whole thing was that i got a parking ticket while the cop was filling out the report with me in my apartment. apperantly yesterday was screw greg day. the second best part is that they dusted for fingerprints. that's pretty damn cool. did you know there is both white and black fingerprint dust? well there is, and the copper used 'em both last night. so yeah, it was a kinda sucky night, but at least my landlord reassembled the door exactly as it used to be. it held up really well before, so i don't see why there'd be a problem now. sarcasm, sarcasm.

oh, and by the way, i'm kicking zach's ass this week in fantasy baseball. i know it's just a fantasy, but so what?