Thursday, December 29, 2005


I should have a Top 5 (or 10) list up as soon as I'm feeling better - I'm currently on the tail end of getting my ass kicked by the flu. Soon!


Okay, so I have a little more time on my hands when nothing at all is happening at the gallery. I've even had time to read The Least Essential Albums of 2005 in The Onion on-line. Please read the review for "Least Essential Clinton-Era Relic" because it made me laugh out loud. And it's true.

Also during my time at "work", I was able to scout out and read 5 different explanations to the show "Lost" which I am obsessed with. Every week I watch it, I have a different theory as to what might be going on. After searching a bit, these are the best five, although, even on this list, some ideas are better than others. Here they are!

1.The ultimate allusion [to 'Lord of the Flies' would be if all the mortal enemies the 'Lost' cast face are in their heads, and the real danger to their survival is Nature itself.

2.Everything is simply explained by the fact that they are all in comas. Doctors and scientists, perhaps in the future, have created a virtual reality memory stimulus program.

3.Some science indicates strong magnetic fields might be found near worm holes and if youv'e looked them up a type of time travel or space time change may be involved. Could this be part of what we are seeing?

4.The hatch represents the Garden of Eden. It has everything you could ever want... With one condition - Use the computer to punch in the numbers and ONLY the numbers.

5.To summarize: our heroes never actually crashed; they are the future of mankind - the survivors of a cataclysmic polar event of which they are unaware; they are on the island to survive, procreate and repopulate the Earth.

Being the dork that I am, I am hoping it is something related to theory #3 introducing time travel into the mix. Um, yeah. That's enough of that.

Hopefully I can squeeze one more post into 2005, which has been a somewhat sad year for posting on this blog. Understandably, we can't go back the days back in, what, 2001? is that right? when we started this thing. It's not easy to think of something to write each day or even be entertaining at all. I just feel like if it's been this long, might as well keep it going.

On that note, it's lunch time.

Wednesday, December 28, 2005


Happy Holidays everyone!

I just got home from a lovely break from reality while I was in Vegas for the past three days. Ah, but once again, I am back at the gallery and then to the Gap later this evening. I realize that I never really talk about the gallery. That's probably because it doesn't piss me off. The Gap on the other hand, seems to have one event per work period that either drives me absolutely nuts or gets my blood boiling. However, since I am going in with positive spirits and three days of rest, I think tonight should be okay.

Speaking of the gallery, we have a nice show coming up next week and an opening on January 6th. Actually, I believe the whole River North Area will be having openings, so it's a great night to make it down here.

Also, for the photo enthusiast that occasionally visits this blog, Bruce Davidson is giving a talk at the Art Institue Thursday, January 5th at 5:30, and will also be at Catherine Edleman Gallery for his opening of "On the Street" on January 6th as well. Even more the reason to come on down!

I have a super busy week planned. I have some friends in from out of town and with two jobs and very little free time, I'm glad that I have the chance to post now.

Mike - I am hoping you do a best of 2005. My list is very, very small because I think I only bough 5 cd's (gulp!) this year, therefore, I guess that would have to be my top five. I plan on blowing some cash before the new year, so maybe I'll actually have something to talk about.

Does anyone have anything to chime in before the year is up? Maybe a small hello from Greg? A rarity from Brian? Christie? Becky?

Monday, December 19, 2005


Happy holidays, y'all. I called in sick today (<-- fever + sore throat), so I figured I would check in. I'm all done with grad school, so now I actually have time to bowl and relax on the weekends. A massive bowling excursion is planned, but I don't have a date set yet. Hopefully I'll have a "best of 2005" up one of these days, but you know how lazy I can be when it comes to blogging.

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Merry Christmas if you’re not dead.

We’re working on holiday cards at my office and I’m updating all of the old addresses but there are all of these notes around one of the names because I guess no one in my office knows if this guy is alive. It’s all very touching.

Has anyone seen that internet mortgage ad with the bird pulling the worms out of the holes? It took me a good minute to realize they were worms. They looked like severed feet to me for some reason which I thought was very interesting on some Lynchian level but very strange for a mortgage ad. I was wrong. I just need glasses or a psychologist.

This is all pretty morbid, I guess. Hooray!

Mike’s cousin, ladies and gentleman. No lie.

Tuesday, December 13, 2005


I can hardly believe that it is already the middle of December, a mere 11 days from Christmas. Time is just flying by,

Yesterday, all the miserable shoppers in Chicago just happened to be at my Gap and and had me as their cashier. Please, consumers, tell me why do you think I am at the register to cheat you out of all of your hard earned money? I know the tag is marked $6.97 for this hideous polo you want to buy, and I promise, I will make sure you get it for that price. Hell, I want to make sure it leaves the store with you as much as you do. I am just plain sick of looking at it.

When I bag your goods and try to make small talk, I do it as much for you as for me. You see, I like talking to people, and I don't get paid extra for being nice to you. Hell, I could keep my mouth closed and nicely hand you your belongings and smile and send you packing, but I always think it's nice to be interested in you because I'm hoping that you will appreciate my interest. When you nod and don't even respond to my greetings, it makes me a little bummed. It makes me a litttle sad to think that we are a part of the same human race. It makes me sad that your children will grow up to be a cold as you are. At least acknowledge me. I've been on my feet for hours and I work hard to make sure you are having a good time at the store. That, my friends, is not worth the $9 an hour I get.

Finally, when I say "have a great night" and "keep warm," I am saying it because I mean it. I say it because I hope that deep down somewhere, you hope that I have the same. I hope you realize that I'm not just waiting for you to leave so I can count the measly $15.00 bucks you dropped on Grandma Edna.

Please people, give me just a little spirit and I promise you'll feel better too.

Sunday, December 04, 2005


I don't really have anything new to say. I've been busy with work, blah, blah, blah. Here are some pictures:

Image hosted by

This is from the day after the day after Thanksgiving potluck. The tofurkey was delicious and everyone, including the carnivores you see here, ate it. I'm glad everyone could make it out, and had a good enough time to hang out for as long as you did. I had to work the next day with a pounding headache, but that tells me to never mix as many random liquors in my stomach next time.

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This is a picture of josie playing with her string. This doesn't relate to anything really except for the fact that she is so cute!

If you are bored, and want to read the press release I wrote of the next artist we will have at the gallery, click here!

Hopefully, I'll post more exciting things next time.