Wednesday, October 30, 2002


Christie, Thanks for getting my back for the posters.

Also I just had to say that I have heard of these progressive dinners where you go to different people's houses for different courses, but I have never heard of it utilizing fast food restaurants! That is so much cooler than having some stupid casserole that someones mom made, but definitely not as good for your tummy.

should we have food for the party?

Oh, and Becky, I hope your jaw feels better! I'm sorry I won't get to see you Saturday too but I'll definitely be at the extravaganza on the 9th. There had better be many posters in your honor (start now, Greg).

Hey man, at least you get novocaine. When I go to my dad/dentist, he doesn't like to waste it because I'm not one of those "paying patients". So he'll drill until I begin to weep. If anyone is interested in starting a rock journey on Sat. night, you can go see Hershyl (Mike) first at Gunther Murphy's (9:00) and then make your way to the elbo room for some DAB (It would probably be really hard to do but you'd have a night full of rock). Maybe this is a silly suggestion but I have to try:) Did anyone ever go to one of those progressive dinner birthday parties in grade school? Where you'd get a different portion of the dinner at different restaurants(fries at Wendys, burgers at Mcdonalds, shakes at Burger King, etc.)? Those were weird. Bad for digestion.

rock on with your socks on

your party was indeed awesome jen. i was very hung over for the wedding the next day, and then more hung over for the sunday the day after the wedding. i'm not making any sense.

in the spirit of party's, me and becky are throwing a birthday extravaganza to celebrate getting old and tired. the party's next saturday, you're all invited. hit me up for the details. did i really just type "hit me up"? i'm slipping.

also you're all invited to see me play the baritone saxophone, a reasonable approximation of a hammond organ and my tired and tattered vocal chords at the elbo room on saturday. show starts at 10, and we play first. come on, you know you wanna go.

i went to the dentist today. i hate the dentist. especially when i've got cavities. i don't mind the drilling so much. it's when they stick that damn novocain needle in my gum. that's what gets me. makes me feel like they're performing some kind of evil ritual or something. it's no good. no good i say.

Tuesday, October 29, 2002

Vegas was fun. It's such an interesting place. I saw the casinos, won 80 bucks, took in some free entertainment (pirates, water, volcanoes, etc), "won" a drunken 5:00 am bout of asshole played with a large bottle of Baileys...I was worried, initially, when our flight to Las Vegas was delayed 3 hours on Thursday night (something wrong with the main engine, just lovely) because that night was pretty much shot. But two days was actually enough. All of the people and the noise tuckered me out, so I'm happy to be home.
I do miss the weather, though. Here is a random list of stuff.

Best sight: The Chihuly ceiling in the Bellagio. Anyone interested in this guy (he's an artist who typically uses glass as his medium) may still be able to see some of his stuff at the Garfield Park Conservatory in Chicago.

Biggest Disappointment: the lack of naked people. Someone told me Halloween was a good time to see crazies running around naked. Maybe I'm just gullible. There really weren't any Halloween costumes either. I did see alot of cowboy hats, though.

Scariest moment: I managed to lock myself in the bathroom without actually locking the door. I pulled part of the knob off in my desperate attempt to escape. Fortunately, I was able to reattach the knob and somehow open the door. The hotels' casinos and exterior amenities are definitely not indicative of what the rooms will be like. Rooms are strictly for sleep and sex, I guess.

I think that's my trip in a really tiny nutshell. I'm glad to hear all of the Halloween parties were successful. Will there be wings this Thursday? I miss everybody.


Well, I was quite sad that I had to miss the party on Friday night, but alas, I was entertaining myself!

Janice came in on Thursday night and we went to Alberto's Cantina but there was no serenading going on that night :(. Friday we went to Berkeley - watched a really wierd wedding rehearsal in the Rose Garden and went shopping on Telegraph. We got wool hats from the Berkeley hat shop (I was going to get Gant a pink cowboy hat, but they were all out!)

Anyways, it was a fun weekend - Sunday I got some free tickets to Neil Young's Bridge school benefit concert so that was quite an event. We didn't stay for the whole time, but I did get offered alot of chocolate with mushrooms (eww, gross!). I was glad I didn't try to forge this one by myself.

I do have some bad news...I have TMJ so my jaw hurts alot. But I have good news that I will by flying to Chicago on Saturday! I did hear that there are some rock concert conflicts, so I am sorry that I will miss Mike's show......

see you all soon :)

So many, many thanks to Jen and Nathan and Gant for a pheeeenomenal time on Friday. Good party, lots of good people, good times. Very, very good weekend, except for the unfortunate debacle that was the Bears. Sorry about the mess at your house, Jen. Also sorry for being ridiculously drunk by the time you and Nate showed up at my brother's on Saturday.

So I applied for an awesome job thing that I think I may get, but won't know into January. It's the trianing program for foriegn correspondents at Reuters, the news agency. Basically they take people who are young and inexperienced but have potential and a good grasp of international affairs and train them to work for Reuters. Which would really kick ass. I think I fit that bill. Unfortuantely, I won't know until January, so the job hunt continues. I can't wait on the assumption that I would get it. In a just world, of course, I would, right? But we all know this world is anything but that.

That's my only news to report. Sorry nothing of interest.

Monday, October 28, 2002


Answer to Friday's question. . .

Satan was obviously at my house on Friday night. . . the party left my house a mess, along with a broken pint glass that I stepped on the next morning. BOO. But I had a really great time so YAY! I guess I'm at a loss for words.

Thanks for stopping by! and thanks for trying!

I'm kinda running out of time to write, hopefully I can post better tomorrow.

Miss. la-bora-tory, how was Vegas?

Becky, what were you up to?

Friday, October 25, 2002


Can anyone answer this question for me?

Sorry, I had to put this picture in here only because I made it.

Tonight is my Costume/Halloween Party. Hopefully, we will get some blog visitors too. I still have a lot that I want to do before the party, such as perfect my hellish outfit and tidy up the house some. I know it seems weird to clean before a party, but really, when I speak of cleaning it mostly consists of putting away all the musical instruments laying around the house and moving my little i-mac into my room for safe keeping.

That and I'm anal about cleaning. ok?!?!

I don’t have too much more to say. I guess I’ll just see you later.

Thursday, October 24, 2002

North Scoville

need sleep. or beer. i think i'll get the latter later on tonight. i am indeed going to Jenn's halloween party. i was gonna get dressed up, but i haven't gotten anything for my costume yet. it's true i only need tight black pants, a tight black shirt a crappy old boom box and a Kraftwerk tape, but i haven't had time to assemble those yet.

so you dropped off your stuff at the tribune today Brian? did you feel that water hitting your head? that was me spitting on you from my perch high above and to the right of the tribune tower. i once saw someone committ suicide by jumping from the 20th or so floor of the tribune tower. very bizarre. it only warrented 3 lines in the next day's paper.

I'm Amelia Earhart. No, I'm a bear.*

Can someone please tell me what happened to the metal bear statue on the corner between Halsted, Lincoln, and Damen? Did they take it down for the winter? Every day it is there, standing above the group of pigeons. And frankly, today, those pigeons looked lost. Where did their big, metal god go? To warmer areas where people will still be picnicking? I surely don't know.

Today is the day I go to Vegas (Mark P., if you are reading this, don't bring those DVD's to wings tonight because I am going to Vegas. Bring them next week.). I love traveling. It's delicious. I am very sad that I will be missing those Halloween parties, though.
I expect pictures, damnit. I want to see pictures of everyone in their brilliant costumes. I don't have much else to say and my poor desk is drowning in paper so I must save it. This blog is terrible and makes no sense. My grammar sucks too. I could apologize but I wont. I'll see everyone when I get home. Have fun this weekend.

* Jen, am I quoting this correctly? It's been too long since I've heard that song.

Not unless you mail them from Desolation Row

Not much going on. It's Thursday. I love Thursday. Have to think of Halloween costumes for this weekend. Greg, I know you won't be around Saturday couse of the Wolfe wedding, but will you be at Jen's tomorrow? Say yes...or I'll cut ya!

Ms. Bora, you and Mike have fun in Sin City. Play craps. And blackjack. And poker. But avoid the slots machines. Those things scuk. Say hi to Siegfried for me. But not Roy. I hate that guy!

I dropped off my resume and clippings to the Tribune yesterday, in the hopes they will recognize my genius. Also an eye-catching cover letter. I hope they find the humor in it. It said they should insanely overcompensate me. I think I would pay attention to that. I hope so. I also dropped off stuff at the Sun Times, despite my better judgement. But how could I not? It's right there. Right goddam there. The ugliest building in Chicago. Did you know it's supposed to look like a tugboat? Fo real. Who thinks that? What designer said "I want to make this building resemble a tugboat, widely known as the ugliest boat in the world."?

People suck. This war sucks. I don't feel like it now, but soon I will right my anti-war screed, which will highlight the end of the American Experiment. Depressing stuff. There is an anti-war rally downtown on Saturday, but it is right in the middle of the Notre Dame/Florida State game.

Why must I choose!?

Also, one of my Fantasy Baseball buddies is in a commercial for travelocity. His friends won a make your own commercial contest The original was longer and had more of a story, but the inherent physical comedy is still there. Click on the one with the heavyset guy in a suit looking perplexed.

Wednesday, October 23, 2002


Don't remind me of my failures, I haven't forgotten them

Hi everybody!

Lots of fun stuff going on recently! Last week I journied into Oakland to see Mates of State and they rocked! Too bad the show included some very strange performances one of them being by a guy who called himself Snowsuit and pretty much stood up there with a Discman on chair that played really loud music and he ran around the audience and yelled every so-often. He "played" about 4 songs, about 35 seconds each. wierd.

anyways, I was in lovely willowbrook this week so I was happy, but I have to head out tomorrow. not too much time to talk. but last night I went to this restaurant in the loop called Frontera Grill. And I met the chef, Rick Bayless, who is really cool and has a show on TV where he shows you how to make yummy mexican food. yay!

Tuesday, October 22, 2002


jeepers creepers, where'd you get those peepers

I can't write much because I don't have much time to spare. Anyway, I'd like to add to my horror movie reviews by commenting on the movie that we saw last night after everyone left*, "Jeepers Creepers." My, oh my how did it suck, you ask? Well, what started out with a plotline that could have made a scary movie, turned into this cheesy story about this monster that feeds off of people for 23 days or something like that. The even weaker part of the plot is this psychic that attempts to save the two young people who are being chased by this creature. The best is when she starts singing the above jeepers creepers song to make them believe her. Suck, suck suck. I want one good horror movie before Halloween. Is that too much to ask?

Speaking of Halloween, there will be a rather large Halloween Costume Party at my house this Friday. Now, all I need is a costume.

*Band practice + chili=fun. It was really good seeing Becky too! I wish you could come to the party. Somebody e-mail Greg about his hat. He will gladly tell you about it.

Friday, October 18, 2002

My bet's still on the bear, even though Brian did point out some good strategy.

As for flamingo and farret, hmmm - maybe we need different and more viscous animals in there. Flamingos just. . . hang out.

PS. He made the shark go "chomp, chomp."

How about a ferret and a flamingo?

Ok, that's stupid. I guess the turtle would win.

How about turtle vs frog?

Lion versus alligator. Hmmm. For those of you who don't know, and I can't imagine why the fuck you wouldn't, Jen and I had a long argument about who would win in a fight between a shark and a bear. (This goes back to an argument Mark, Kit and I had for countless hours once, but I don't know where that came from.) The contest takes place in water, but only waist deep on the bear. Jen hypothesized (wrongly) that the bear would win, thinking that the bear could swat and a claw the shark to death, making, for some reason, "guzh guzh guzh" moises, by way of impersonating her (Kodiak) bear. I deduced (correctly) that the shark, a great white, would win. Chomp chomp. The fiercest predator out there. Leathery, claw-resistant skin. He'd bite the bear's leg clean off, and then go for its agonized, screaming head. You know, I almost feel bad for that poor fucking bear- but never, ever bet on a loser.

Now, as for lion v. alligator- where is the contest being held. I am not sure about the aquatic abilities of a lion. I didn't see any mention of water fighting in my research, but as the alligator can go on land, we'll have the fight there. Let's break this down.

The lion's main mode of attack would be to try to flip the gator, to bite it's weak belly. But he'd have to get his paws underneath. In theory, he could run around the gator and use his speed to get to the back, where the gator can't bit him. But gators are also very quick, especially in the "turn and snap" category. This is what the lion needs to watch out for. Id the lion can make a few feints, get the gator confused, bob when he looks for a weave, he maybe can get a chance to dig his powerful paws underneath and flip the gator, paving way for an easy, bloody victory. However, he will be ucky to get his chance. There is no way he can bite into the gators tough and spiky hide, so all the gator has to do is keep up, and eventually the lion will make a mistake and get in front of those terrible, terrible teeth. A wounded lion is a goddam pussy, and the gator would win.

Good fight though. It would be interesting to watch the strategy. It'll be close, but if I had to bet, I'd go with gator. Seems counter-intuitive, but not if you think these things through. This is much better than the shark-bear blowout. I don't even want to discuss clownshit matchups like that anymore.

So what else do we have?

One more thing. . .

I kid you not. I'm just about to send back a proposal for a traveling exhibition called "Photographs, Airplanes and Sheep." Sheep. Really. Sometimes, I wonder why I'm not a fucking famous photographer by now.

Brian: Lion versus alligator. Who would win?


I've seen the end of the day come too soon

I bought the new Beck on Monday and I can't get enough of it. Last week, hmm, maybe Thursday night, I saw Beck on Conan where he played "Lost Cause" - just his cute little self and his guitar. It really did stick in my mind. The whole cd is beautiful, haunting and melodic, which is far departure from Midnite Vultures- which I love more than anything, don't get me wrong. Anyway, go buy it, because it rules and because I say so.

Today, I am in the upstairs office of the museum, working on entering reports into the database and sending back portfolios from this week’s portfolio review. The entering reports thing is a brand new task that I have just acquired. It's not the most interesting job in the world, but it's important for me to know if I like to be a registrar one day. AND because I change my mind about what profession I want to be in every single day, it's good to know a bunch of different tasks.

Last week, we rented "The Calling" and this week, it was "The Forsaken." (Notice how we like simple titles?) The only reason we rented it was because, as it said on the box, it is "more sexy and entertaining then 'The Lost Boys.'" Now, I know "the Lost Boys" is a terribly cheesy movie (especially with the appearances of the two Corey’s -Feldman and Haim- I think that's how you spell them) but, it was one of the first scary movies I was allowed to watch. I actually own a copy. All I know is that it is nowhere near more entertaining, and if you call gratuitous shots of boobs, sexy, then I guess this much is true. It's like a video to a metal song. Yeah. There are two more weeks to Halloween, which means two more reviews!

Lot's of typing to do for work. Sorry to abandon the blog like I did. I'll try to make sure it doesn't happen again.

Thursday, October 17, 2002

I'm actually a potato farmer from outside of Conemarra

That is what I told some girl at a pub I was at. When asked which town it was, I told her she probaby had never heard of it- ummm, Potatotown. She didn't believe me, but it seemed to only enhance her opinion of me. I think- I may or may not in fact have been drunk from absolutely prodigous quantities of Jamesons. Mmmm...Jamesons.

So, yes, I had a very good time, and I am sure you'll be hearing stories. But now I am looking for a job. Actually really doing real work, not just pretending. Have resisted the urge to do other stuff, other readings and the like. Gaah. Can't resist. Must resist. I just sent an email in reply to a shit job for Pioneer Press, if that is any indication of desperation.

Go to this link of Samuel Jackson quotes from Pulp Fiction. It is very very cool, but pretty loud when you click on something so be careful, you working stiffs.

OK. Back. Sorry for the boring post.

Wednesday, October 16, 2002

photographs of the best times we've had

looks like all the other bloggers abandonned me. brian should return soon from ireland with some stories. i absolutely despise work right now. i really want to punch this smug bitch. if no one is good enough to use her system she should do the damn thing herself. go to hell.

sorry about the rage. i'm trying to clear my head with death cab at far too many decibles.

Monday, October 14, 2002

are you ready for some football!?!?!!

i like monday night football. i also like having everyone over for monday night football. i feel like i'm one of those overweight guys on some sitcom on tv, drinking a beer so that the label is turned away from the camera so no one knows what i'm having. good time.

saturday was the bachelor party of one of my band's guitarists. bachelor parties are always fun and funny, but my favorite part of this one must have been when i was having a long conversation with the completely naked stripper about the new jerry seinfeld documentary, until we were interrupted by some guy wanting to lick whip cream off her boobies for $20. ahh strippers. so bizarre.

Friday, October 11, 2002


Hey, Christie - great idea!! I was so upset over the lack of posters in April that I really really need to have the fridge at my next party. I know he did a commercial for KFC once so maybe he could bring the food!

have a great time up north y'all!


They kill for Satan's child*

Excellent review! I've always wished that I could speak to William Perry in person and now I can! Too bad I have to purchase 99 bucks of his merchandise. . .

This week flew by once again. I had a critique on Thursday that went so well, which made me feel better about my work, and proved to myself that I definitly did not deserve that grade. . . Uh. I promised myself that I wouldn't "stew" over the topic like I have a habit to do.

This past Wednesday, my house had a rommie's night out sort of thing - we went out to dinner then got a movie. We rented "The Calling" which looked like a scary movie of sorts (*Look at the catch sloan above- killing for Satan? What's better than that?) Anyway there is this ridiculous Rave-esque scene in it that makes little to no sense. You know when you have to ask yourself out loud "What?!?" that it obviously wasn't what you expected or that it just didn't belong. My really big question about the movie is who wrote the song that played during the first half of the credits? I've heard it before and I like it. It's just that by time the movie was over, I was too sleepy to wait until the end of the credits and now we returned it and I don't know who made the song. If you know for some odd reason, write me and let me know, ok?

This weekend the "group," if you will, is headed up to Peter's Wisconsin cabin. I left before the nakedness of last time, but I was promised more (go figure).

I think I'm done working for the day. Yup. Definitly done.

they blew up the chicken man in philly last night

i don't know what it is. but it hurts me. i feel like i can know about this, even though i know i can't. good old Bruce.

tonight's the night for sleeping and reading. maybe a cigarette. maybe not. but mostly sleeping and reading. have a good weekend all. i'll write more tonight.

Thursday, October 10, 2002

Willam Perry's office?!? That is so uncool. Did you book him for Beck's welcome home party? I think he would make an excellent welcome home present. It will help to make up for the lack of posters at the last gathering....

did you call the number? i'm calling it right now . . . it's not the exciting. the guy just answers the phone "Good Afternoon, William Perry's office. Can I help you?" He could have at least called it the fridge's office.


If your order exceeds $99.99 you will personally receive a telephone call from "The Fridge."

Well, it's about 6:00 PM in Ireland right now. What do you think Mr. O'Neill is doing? He’s probably on his sixth Guinness of the day while the rest of us schlep through our routine Thursdays. Bastard. On the upside, my office is getting fish and I found a cure for hiccups. Chocolate and water. No joke. Yesterday, I had wicked hiccups (10 points to me for using "wicked" in that context) and I could not get rid of them. Then (being the medical genius that I am), I decided to eat a Crunch bar and drink water. It worked. I think I'm going to put together a book of "natural" remedies. Chocolate for hiccups and tequila for stomach aches.

Now for my review of The Fridge.Net. What a website! The juxtaposition of stories that show William’s sensitive side (I love the story of ‘The Fridge’ dressing up his cat like Scarlet O’Hara) with the stories that show he is dark and brooding…. Ok, no, the website is nothing like that. I was a bit disappointed in the lack of information. Sure, I now know that ‘The Fridge’ still has the biggest Super Bowl ring ever made and that he is open and willing to do events if I call (888) 550-6672, but what about ‘The Fridge’ as a person? Where is the human being? Does he like hamsters? How does he feel about having no teeth? There is a variety of items available to the Fridge fan on this website. Everything from autographed memorabilia to Fridge’s own special line of grills and coolers. I do believe that one of the coolers doubles as a seat. Genius. And here is the kicker Ladies and Gents; he will seriously call you if your order exceeds $99.99. Who wouldn’t want a call from ‘The Refrigerator’? Maybe he pranks people… “Is your refrigerator running? I am too!! Hahaha!” Anyway, I think we should all throw in some money for a telephone call. Maybe then we can get to know the allusive man that is ‘The Fridge’.

I'm excited for wings tonight. I may even eat a wing tonight...

Wednesday, October 09, 2002


Hi Everybody!!

I know it has been along time - I have not been a good blogger.

But anyways, there have been some fun times lately. Like the sorry tournament and un-packing my parents kitchen in their new house.

Work has been a little stressful lately, but I'm trying to get through the next few months so that I can just move home!

Yesterday I found out from my dear friend Nancy that one of the most beloved characters in one of my favorite movies, Best in Show, a Mr. Harlan Pepper, was really a character in a bad lifetime movie from a few years ago in which the lady that played the lesbian dog trainer played a laywer for a schizo mother (played by none other than Sarah Jessica Parker). Harlan Pepper was the name of her husband. Does this make any sense?

I need more coffee. Next trip to Chicago: November 1st.

Tuesday, October 08, 2002


We are the Bears shuffling crew. Shuffling on down, doin' it for you.

Shouldn't it be more like, "we are a sloppy team when we are under pressure"? Anyway, I have the 7" for the Super Bowl Shuffle. It's still a favorite of mine because it is too cheesy to bear.

Bears very sadly lose. Boo. Brian, if you were here what would you have done? Probably kill Nate, my Wisconsin boyfriend/Packers Fan. I'm not a traitor, I promise! I was actually hoping to give a litle review of "The," the web page that "The Refridgerator" Perry was shameless promoting last night during his half time interview, but alas, I have no time. I'm working on a budget for my public art class, and getting together a shitload of new images for seminar Thursday. Christie, I expect a full report on the website once you don't have your new office neighbor bothering you every other second.

Friday, I finally had the meeting that I had been waiting for most of my summer. I actually promised that I wouldn't let too much of our conversation out, so I won't (unless you ask me for the personal details and are not a Columbia Student!) I will tell you that he could NOT change my grade, due to "inter-departmental politics." He did basically say "If candidacy goes well, then you don't have to worry about the grade." So, I think that's good, or at least all I can hope for right now.

Candidacy, for those that are curious, is at the end of Novemeber for me. I have to present my work to the department (with the teacher that gave me the bad grade included) to prove that I am moving at the pace that they had hoped. I'm really not too worried about it now, but I'm so sure that it will catch up with me soon.

Dinner is done, so I'm going to go and eat it.

Monday, October 07, 2002

History is the nightmare from which I am trying to awake.

That's James Joyce, via his Stephen Dedalus character from Ulysses. It also happens to be just about my favorite quote in the history of literature, and one I use ad nausem. I am thinking of it quite a bit today as I prepare to board a plane for a week or so in Ireland. Not really because Ireland makes me think of Joyce, naturally, although that has a bit to do with it.

More because of what the quote means. A lot of people have asked me if I feel like I'm returning home, the motherland, where I'll fit in. Good question, and one that makes sense. For sure. And I answer yes, of course. I'm Irish. But the question, and my instinctive answer, actually makes me sort of uncomfortable. Why? Well...

When Joyce wrote his line, he didn't mean that one should ignore history, or think it irrelevant. He didn't mean you shouldn't take lessons from it. He also didn't mean, as many people have suppossed, that Dedalus was just trying to get out of the stupid cycle of Irish violence against themselves and hatred and war with the English, although that was part of it. It was broader. I think he was referring to the concerted effort he, and his fictional proxy Dedalus, was making to rid himself of everything that was suppossed to make him who he was. Religion, culture, ingrained prejudices, ways he was supposed to act, to think. Everything, subtle or not. To awaken from history, and to really create himself in the image he wanted. This seems obvious, but it is far more difficult and the obstacles are more subtle than one immediately imagines.

And that always struck me as a goal and haunted me because I don't think I can, anywhere near as completely as Joyce did. (Of course, Joyce is my better in a million ways, so why even bother?) That's why the question bothers me. It's another example of how hard it is to truly awaken. I say yes, and I mean it, but can't stand that I do. l do really love Guiness and Jamesons, but I wonder if I had a choice. Or the Bears or Notre Dame or anything. I am not upset that I love these things, and this certianly isn't a weird condemnation of my father, from whom all those loves came, but they are, in a way, failures to awaken. I'm not complaining- just saying.

Toynbee says that history is a force, inexorable and unchangeable, and one that carries us. He should capitalize it. He thinks we're caught in a tide, a process. I don't agree. I think we shape it. But that is HISTORY. Little histories affect us every day, in ways we don't even recognize. But the more we recognize them, the more chance we have to shape HISTORY. Just something to think about.

But don't get me wrong- I will have a lot of fun in Ireland, and am really looking forward to it. and I will try to post from there. If I can't for some reason, I'll talk to you when I get back.

Friday, October 04, 2002

And tonight a little rain never hurt no one

Tremendous rainy day. Has that movie rainy day feel, with characters looking out windows or walking through a hard but quiet rain, contemplating, preferably with music in the background. Yes- in a salute to High Fidelity, and to give you working stiffs something to think about, try to come up with the best rainy day songs.

The one referenced above is a great Tom Waits tune, very sad, very slow. I believe it's called "A Little Rain." Hm. Let's see. There is a great Eliot Smith song on the Royal Tennenbaum's soundtrack called "Needle in the Hay." I guess almost any Eliot Smith song could qualify on this list, but that one has been especially in my head the last couple of days. Perhaps the Nirvana Unplugged version of "In the Pines" (still my favorite song ever, if I had to choose). "Sing it Again" off of Mutations, by Beck, and perhaps "Lonesome Tears" off his new album, Sea Change. "Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness," the instrumental piece on the Pumpkins album. "Desolation Row," by Dylan. "One by One," off of Mermaid Avenue, the Wilco/Billy Bragg collaboration of old Woddy Guthire songs.

There are clearly many of these. Just a thought, cause today has put me in that kind of mood. Maybe I'll make a tape.

No- I'll be downtown soon, perhaps with several hours to kill. Hard to tell. Am meeting some Kosovar law student, then taking her to dinner and a movie. But I don't know when she is done with her stuff. I'll try to stop by the museum, Jen.

OK all y'all. See you sometime this weekend.


You were wrong when you said everything's gonna be alright

Friday already? This week has flown by me. It's only my second week back at school and I'm left with little time to think about anything else. This semester seems to be progressing in a postive manner, which is extremely important after how my lasr semester ended. I'm not sure if anyone remembers this from June, but I was given a C in a class that I didn't deserve to get only because the teacher and I had personal differences. Well anyway, after a nice long summer to calm down and being avoided, I was finally approached to talk about this problem. Today, I have a meeting at 1:30 to present my case, and I can only hope that this will change my grade to what I really should have gotten.

Beside that, I had a wonderful morning walking in the rain. Fot the most part I love rain, especially right before bedtime or on a night where all you want to do is stay in anyway. . . The only bad thing is when you are already late for work, the trains are backed up and the umbrella you are holding doesn't protect you from the rain that is moving sideways. Oh, and you get one sock wet. Not both, but just the tip of one. I hate that feeling. I wish I could be at home knitting. . . That's right, I mean what I said. Knitting. All of my grandchildren approve.

I actually took up knitting because I really want to make my own scarf. I'm still pretty bad at it, but I just started on Monday.

That's pretty much all for now - or at least until I can remember that story I wanted to write.

Thursday, October 03, 2002

our interweb is sketchy at best today. sorry about the lack of updates today, but in a salute to ATR:

i got up.
i went to work.
i didn't like work.
i went home and read books.
i listened to cds.
i went to bed.

sorry about the patheticness of that.