Friday, May 28, 2004


You said you liked hugs from boys, but I never saw them. I never saw them but I knew they were there.

I hope they play Hugs from Boys tomorrow night. You do not have a reunion show and then not play this song. Am I right or am I right?

Yesterday I was asked if I was from Berlin. I don't know what exactly about me makes it seem as if I am from any European country, but apparently these people are seeing something I am not. Mind you I was wearing a shirt that said "Gutentag Berlin." Of course, as Nancy said yesterday, "You don't wear an 'I love New York' shirt when you are from New York." So true.

I have a crazy busy weekend. Matt is graduating tomorrow, so I will be attaneding that. Then Braid tomorrow night (Greg- did you get tickets?) and early Sunday morning, I take off for California!

Christie's birthday is Monday so HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!! I'm sorry that I won't be there to celebrate with you. The ladies of this blog should get together for some getting-nails-done action when I get back.

Friday, May 21, 2004

Tagging along for Braid is a-ok with me, Jen, although I recommend picking up a ticket ASAP if you want to go. Five of my friends are celebrating their birthday at my friend Melissa's place after the show (Addison/Southport), and all are invited to that.

For the first time in about 4 years, I have a cool boss and a (mostly) stress-free job. It makes for boring blogging, but I haven't felt this relaxed in ages.


Lump lingered last in line for brains cause the one she's got is all rotted and insane.
-The Presidents of the United States of America

My cool new phone allows me to download new ringers, so now everytime I get a call, I get to hear Lump. The song is constantly in my mind.

In one week - and some days- I will be heading out to LA to scope out the scene and see if I can find a nice place to live. It's pretty final that I'm moving and the move date will most likely be August 1st. In the mean time, I'm planning on seeing everybody a bunch of times before I go. I'm also planning a big party - most likely sometime in the beginning of July- that will be a going away party of sorts.

I know that next weekend is the Braid show - no I don't have tickets yet - but I wanted to see if Greg and Beck were interested and if I could also possible tag along with you, Mike. So much to do! Actually, so much I want to do before I leave!

Thursday, May 13, 2004


Are you from It-tal-ly?
-some guy at the opening

This guy came to the table I was selling books at during the opening and asked me that. I have no idea what about my appearance or attitude may have lead him to believe that I was from Italy, but he asked anyway.

So it's true. June Glamor. Page 142. Bottom corner. Read it, I'm there.

I could have swore that I had other news to tell.

Ah yes! Starting June 16th, I will be teaching beginning Astanga Yoga at Grace Place on Dearborn. My classes are Wednesday nights from 6-6:30. It's an amazing opportunity for me, and I am so excited to finally put all my knowledge to use. As the date approaches, I will give more information for anyone interested.

ok, gotta run. I'm meeting up with the ladies tonight.


Wow, blogger is so fancy now.... only the link on my google toolbar does not work anymore so I'll have to look into that.

I had the wonderful experience of haning out in the cincinnati airport for about 5 hours yesterday thanks to good ole mother nature.

so I think its time to begin the official countdown - 58 days to go. eeee!!!

I thought of alot of funny things to blog about yesterday but they have all escaped me now. ohio has sucked out all of my brain....

Wednesday, May 12, 2004


I want a doctor to take your picture so I can look at you from inside as well.
-Who wrote I'm Turning Japanese?

Mike, I don't know if you fixed blogger or what-have-you, but now it looks better. Gracias.

This is going to be a very short post because I want to ask a stupid question. Does anyone else have a camera phone or can recieve picture messages? The only person that I know right now that can get my picture messages is Matt, and I think we send each other some 5 -10 pictures a day. I would love to spread the joy of the picture sending with anyone who likes to receive pictures. E-mail me if you do.

Oh yeah - Beck and Greg - just as an FYI, I got your wedding invite on Saturday. That is damn quick mail!

Monday, May 10, 2004

Well, it's working now. That didn't last long.

I may be having a party a few weeks from now. I'll keep you kids informed.

The formatting on OK+3 is now totally insane in the membrane. I don't know if it's a temporary problem or what, but none of the recent posts are showing up.

I have a new job starting on Wednesday.

"But Mike, did you just get another job a few weeks ago?"



I'm a waste like you, with nothing else to do.
May I waste your time too.

-Green Day

Wow, blogger's new format is crazy!

Does anyone else think that it is impossible to work when it is this nice outside? I having troble getting anything done. I feel like I'm just waiting for the clock to change to 4 when I'm going to leave today. I have to spend my evening in Art Chicago at Navy Pier, helping galleries pack up and return to where ever they came from. It's nice because I get extra money, but at the same time, when the weather is finally nice, I want to spend any extra time enjoying it.

I had a pretty quiet weekend after the opening on Friday. I did get to send a nice afternoon with Christie on Sunday where we discovered that Crate and Barrell has no signs. That's right. You can have a list of everything you need and even a description of the section the item can be found in, but it's still impossible to find. Why? Because even if the description for the item is "dinnerware," there is no sign or direction as to where the dinnerware section is. They formulate the store so you wander around for hours, looking at pretty vases and margarita glasses you don't need but end up buying while you are looking for what you really need to buy. Clever bastards! Christie also suggested putting everything is alphabetical order or by color - now I think that is a cool store idea.

Monday, May 03, 2004


Wall to wall
People hypnotized
And they're stepping
Hang each night in


I went to a pirates and wenches party this weekend. I forgot about the whole dressing up thing, and when I got there, I was harrassed for not wearing a costume. Of course, by about midnight when the party was at it's height, more than half were not in costume. The moral of the story is, don't go to parties early.

I also upgraded my phone plan, and with that, got a new phone very cheap. It's a camera phone and I feel like a bit of an asshole for having one. It's just that I like to consider myself a real photographer and I own lots of REAL cameras. I did however take a lot of fun pictures at the party, including a drunk girl passed out on my friend's bed. If I pulled out my real camera for this whole affair, I might then feel like an asshole for taking a picture of a poor girl at her low point. The camera phone allows one to be a lot more discreet. So technically, I'm an asshole either way. What the hell was my point?

This week is Art Chicago at Navy Pier and I suggest stopping by if you get the chance. I think it's $15 per day, but i think it's worth it to see all kinds of great and new art out there.

There is also a massive opening planned at the Museum. I will say only one thing about it: this will be free and there will be lots of it.